Have you ever thought about quick changeover and high customization? We offer you a make-up table that is easy to use and sanitize!


Advanced Technology

  • User-friendly touch screen with program storage capability
  • Electronically adjustable hourly production speed
  • Designed to improve sanitation and reduce time for maintenance

Automatic line

  • Possibility of combining the line with continuous laminations
  • Fully automatic or semiautomatic processes
  • Ability to produce different types of products made from yeast dough, Danish dough or puff pastry

User friendly touch screen panel. Ability to store different programs and ability to connect the line to your control system


Numerous accessories available that allow you to create a line adapted to the needs of your laboratory. Possibility of easy extension even in later stages. Realization of new and customized products


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Technical data


  • Ability to feed the line continuously
  • Conveyor belt of different sizes
  • Two-position cutting station
  • Dosing machines
  • Guillotines
  • Accessories

Technical data


3,9 Kw

Hourly production:

upon request


  • Stainless steel structure
  • Food grade sanitizable polyurethane conveyor belts


Length: (modular)

Customized project

Table width:

Customized project

Table height:

Customized project