A250/320/540 F.D.A

Machinery suitable for automating, renovating and making production processes, laboratories, food industries safer.

The pasta sheet is processed automatically, solving perfectly the quality and mechanical problem. In fact, eliminating mechanical efforts and unnecessary friction, this machine always guarantees a correctly processed, cold-rolled and homogeneous sheet, with a thickness of 5/7 mm., depending on the raw materials.

Equipped with a double electrically tilting kneading tank, it is able to process any type of flour or semolina by automatically producing rolls of dough, or it can work in a continuous cycle in combination with forming machines, such as ravioli machines, cappelletti machines, tortellini machines, automatic cutters, etc. .

Entirely made of stainless steel, extremely easy to clean.

Sheet width: 250/320/540 mm

Technical data


1650 mm


1710 mm


1900 mm


2200 Kg


8 kW

power supply

400 V / 50 Hz / 3ph


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